Geek Squad complaint: Dangerous Agent

on 27 August 2022 about Geek Squad in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I simply asked the agent to install Webroot. He told me he did and then shut my computer down abruptly. I could not get my computer to start. I had to take it to the store. It took them nearly 2 hours to repair the damage done by the agent. then they had to load Webroot which I was told was loaded by the agent. . Then the printer would not work and iit took me all evening to get it working. with the computer..

This agent is dangerous.

I called several times and asked to speak to a manager to make a complaint. I was told a manager would call me. A manager never called.

If a manager does not call today, I will contact the BBB, etc.

Suggested solution:

A call from a manager. Discipline andor firing of the agent

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