Complaint: in accurate totals and theft after gift card purchase

on 30 November 2021 about Freewallet in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

On November 26th 2021 I decided to purchase some gift at no charge. My total was in US dollars and it came to a total of $549.36. Mind you they don’t charge when purchasing gift cards when cashing out on litecoin. I decided to make 3 purchases. one for $300. another for $100 and the last for $140. this comes up to $540 in gift cards. That means I had more than enough money in my account to cover my gift cards purchases. Low and behold I got the gift card for $300 and the one for $100 but the one for $140 failed. I still have money in my account and they refuse to find out and give an explanation as to why it failed. I need someone to investigate this company and get down to the bottom of this and get records of my account starting on November 25th on what my total funds were at that date and then also the total on the 26th the date of purchase. I know what I had in my account at the time of Purchases. The exchange was in Litecoin to US Dollars and these were the Lite coin exchange numbers I was given at the time I bought the gift cards ( one -2.09121307 ltc that one was for $300. -0.69658718 ltc for $100 and the last on was for -0.97490071 ltc for $140 and this last one is the one that failed). If you try to purchase to much on the site like if it is more that what you have in your account it won’t let you make a purchase and give you an error and in this case the one that failed went through with no issues at all untill I went to the email for that purchase and it said it failed. Freewallet refuses to look into this and have stolen that money and I need someone to look into this and be able to look into their books because I know how much I had at the time of purchase.

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They should give me my money back and so I can remove it for them as I want nothing to do with freewallet as all trust has dwindled away.

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1 month ago - Complaint is picked up by Freewallet

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1 month ago - Complaint is solved by Freewallet


Responded on 05 December 2021 at 17:30

Offered solution:

Dear Darrel,

Please note that the Freewallet is a cryptocurrency platform. The value of all transactions here is measured in cryptocurrency. Checking your account history, we can see the first credit of the LTC coins in the amount of 2.9967 LTC on Nov 12. Matching it with the first amount ($549.36.) mentioned in your review, we can that it was spent to buy 2.9967 LTC and pay the purchase commission. When you are making a purchase via Freewallet, you’re displayed the total amount, including the purchase fee. By proceeding further, you agree with our terms, including the commission to be paid.
The subsequent withdrawals on your account show the amounts of 0.1917, 0.6965, and 2.0912 LTC. Putting these amounts together, we can see that they roughly, with the account of fees, make for the total of 2.9967, which was the original amount of your LTC balance. It’s important to highlight that your account has no pending transactions and, therefore, no funds are being held on our end. The remaining amount is 0.01716352 LTC. Hope that clarifies.

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