Complaint: Rude Cashier Unconcerned District Manager

on 05 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I’m filing this complaint about my encounter at the Family Dollar store with a cashier. I was told to give exact change (which I thought was weird as I never have exact change and I’m always shopping in the store). She seemed to be agitated, so to keep down confusion I didn’t say anything. Instead when it was time to pay I handed her $20 (the smallest bill I had). She took my money gave me my change and walked off, my daughter had to bag our purchase. I was appalled at her rudeness and the fact that she made me feel that I needed to understand her giving me bad service because she was having a bad day. After leaving it I realized that she was wrong and I should have been treated better so I went back inside to get her name and corporates number. The District Manager was called and he was very dismissive of me, when I asked for the cashier’s name another cashier said Jasmine, but to not confuse her with herself as her name is also Jasmine. I asked her for the rude cashier’s last name initial but she never told me. I got home and called the corporate numbers I was given and neither worked, so now this makes me more frustrated because it is as if the district manager doesn’t care if his cashiers are rude and frankly not doing their job.

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Suggested solution:

I hope that the cashier will receive proper repercussions for her actions. I'd also like the district manager to acknowledge the problems with their cashiers instead of enabling them to continue their negative behavior.

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