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My complaint:

The manager there throws away most clearance items. She only marks them down and when they get “too low” she throws the in the dumpster. Her skills of running the store are terrible. They’ve run out of plastic bags and we’re using garbage bags for those who had multiple items and most recently they had a cash only sign on the door and the manager was rude about it. Also, there is a sign on the door to wear a mask, however none of the workers there wear the mask a d there are customers not wearing g one either and they’re allowing them in the store. Not proper management at all in any aspect if you ask me….. hope you fix this because there are people with management skills who would love to do her job that she seems u got to be in.

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Suggested solution:

Hire someone more appropriate for the job. Have someone in that position with good customer service skills and who’s there because they want to be and they show it. Have someone in that position that instead of throwing clearance items away, allows people to buy them when they get marked down more. I have recently moved up in the area 5 months ago and have yet to ever have a good experience at that store. Also, things are in isle ways and you cannot move around at all. Making customers unable to get through or even simply just past each other. Thank you.

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