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on 02 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went into Family Dollar at 6526 Lyons Ave, Houston, Texas 77020, on December 1, 2020 to shop. I was looking at the women’s underwear. I wasn’t sure if the underwear would be the right size for my daughter, so I opened up the package and took one out and looked at it, in order to see if it would be the right size. I then put the underwear back into the package and then I put the package in my shopping cart. I was going to pay for the underwear. I was then approached by the manager, and accused of stealing. She talked to me in a very disrespectful and condescending way. She treated me as if I were a criminal. I explained to her why I had opened up the package of underwear, and that I was going to pay for them. I was offended by the disrespectful , rude and nasty way that she had talked to me. I then approached the manager and tried to explain to her that I did not steal. No sooner than I said this, she ordered me to get out of the store. I refused to leave, because she had no right to tell me to leave the store because I was not doing anything wrong. I was just trying to talk to her about the situation. I was not yelling, I wasn’t rude to her, I was not cursing, or calling her out of her name. I was not disturbing the peace, or anything. I was simply trying to explain to her that I did not steal. The other employees kept telling me that this was her store, and that she could do whatever she wanted to, to a customer. I asked them if she owned the store? They said no, but she is the manager. They seemed as if they were afraid of her. Family Dollar is a place of business, it is not the managers home. She can’t operate the store as if it is her house, and throw out customers if they try to defend themselves, against her mistreating them. When the police came, I explained to them what had happened and they told me that if she tells me to leave, that I have to leave. I tried to explain to them that, the manager should have a legitimate reason for telling a customer to leave the store, and that a customer should not have to put up with verbal abuse from the manager, in order to shop in the store.

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Suggested solution:

I feel that Family Dollar higher ups, should investigate this incident, and that they should stop the manager at 6526 Lyons Ave, Houston Texas 77020, from verbally abusing and mistreating the customers, and behaving like a tyrant, and abusing her power as a manager. The situation did not warrant her to order me out of the store, and call the police. I wasn't loud, or disrespectful. I did not disturb the peace. I was not disrespecting her, or anyone else in the store. She did not like the fact that I stood up for myself, and did not let her treat me like a criminal. She had to show me what she could do as a manager, which was order me to leave the store. It was a power play on her part. The situation did not warrant this type of action.

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