Complaint: Biased employee reacts violently threatens to call police on a Latin woman for asking price on a mismarked item

on 08 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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As I walked into the family dollar to make my monthly shopping of toiletries and household essentials, I was rudely greeted by a person at the front desk who I would come to fine calls herself the manager. Seeing that some of the Halloween decorations were on sale, I inquired as to what the prices were. She angrily replied that, whatever the price says, that is what is marked, and proceeded to glare at me as I looked through the discounted items. I dismissed this attitude, but I must unfortunately state that the attitude proceeded throughout the entire experience at the store. After I had selected all the items on my monthly list, I went to the checkout lane where I was again greeted with a scowl and menacing stance by the same woman. The checkout at first went normally enough, however, it was soon escalated by the woman at the checkout after a dispute concerning the price of a pair of flip flops. The woman told me in a high pitched and grotesques tone that the price of these sandals are different! I told her that those were in the same place as the other flip flops and to leave them out, but she continued with her attitude and vehemently threw the flip flops out. After seeing this display of misbehavior and resentment, I thought to let it go as I was with my daughter, but to do so would be demonstrate to her that it is okay to allow people to disrespect you. It is at this point that I decided to null my purchases in protest of this terrible treatment and told the woman as calmly as possible that it was not okay to treat her customers with such abhorrence and disrespect and that I would be leaving my purchases there. At this point it seemed that the woman took offense and became incredibly violent and threatening. She said that fine, leave my store and don’t come back! Yelling and screaming and when I told her once more that her tone was completely inappropriate, she grabbed her phone and threatened to call the police and spewing that she was the manager and that was her store, her store, her store. At this point, I could see that the only pertinent thing to do, as an assembly of other customers had already gathered around the spectacle, she made of herself, to leave and file a complaint to remedy the profoundly disappointing treatment of this so-called manager of the LaPorte store. I have been shopping that this store for as long as I have lived in LaPorte. The store has been open for about 7 years, and never has this conduct been acceptable not should it ever be acceptable. The other employees are excellent, always greeting the customer with a smile, instead of snarl, making light conversation, and in general just being good sociable people. This treatment is out of line and it is lamentable that such people work for this company.

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The treatment that I received from this employee today November 8, 2020 at around 12:20 pm CST is unacceptable. I feel that my safety has been violated, her threats to call the police on me in a time of increased racial tension does not and must not go noticed. There have been far too many Karens who are left to make others feel as though they are less. We have all seen too readily the implications that a call from a white lady to the police on a minority in the population can have tragic and final consequences. It is unfortunate that this bias pervades the employee and that she automatically stated and implied that I should not return to the store and that it was her store. These threats and biased sentiments should not be allowed to continue to propagate unchecked. Full measures should be taken to ensure that this person who should be the pinnacle of professionalism as a manager, does not continue to work for any chain of Family Dollar in or around the area of LaPorte. An investigation into her conduct as well as treatment of other customers should be opened and reviewed. It is most unfortunate that this incident happened and I am incredibly disappointed in Family Dollars lack of biased recognition. I was not able to film the incident, but the the store's camera will undoubtedly show the regrettable escalation of threats and violence. The worst of the incident is that the flip flops which were originally in question and which started this incident were to be donated to children in Venezuela. Buying and sending such merchandise, is how I give my time to charity, yet I felt it important to speak out against this bias and treatment from this store manager.

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