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on 16 January 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I used to work at family dollar as an assistant manager my user ID 26594427 one day in Augst 2020 I was in the store working I couldn’t clock in ,the system says they don’t know me as active employee I was confused and worried when I need to clock in or out I had to wait another assistant to put me in the system I called my boss she said she didn’t know what happened I called the district manager she came to the store explain that to her she left didn’t said anything about that I still continue working for the rest 3days I was in the schedule the next scheduled came out my name wasn’t there I stay at home for 2weeks before my boss texted me if I wanted her to put me back I told her no because I was angry they took me out in The system didn’t gave me a reason for that and not pay me for all my hours I worked when i was out in the system now they put in their system I can’t ever worked at family Dollar like I was a criminal or thief in their store I feel bad because I worked 59 hours 26 minutes multiple par $11$2 bonus for the COVID-19 the only pay me $673 when I calculated it I supposed get paid more because they didn’t pay taxes for me while 10months I worked for them, that was unfair I’m human like ours that’s not enough reason to block me in their systems I can’t ever work for this Company again I have my right to decide not to work in that store again

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