Complaint: They kept my car

on 12 June 2022 about Express Oil Change in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

Went in for an AC compressor replacement
I left the car thinking it would be 4-5 hours
10:30am I brought the car in, someone picked me up.
Got home and about 11:30 the told me exactly what was wrong and was the clutch to the compressor.
I agreed to have them fix it, I began to do other things in the house because I’m thinking they would call soon to tell me it’s ready, I looked at clock it was now 4:00
They had my car for 6 hours already
I called the mechanic said it’s not ready I said when…
He said hopefully before we go home, I asked him did you get the compressor in? He said yes already installed it
Just trying to make sure it’s running properly.
I said ok his last words were I’ll call you when it’s ready.
I’m thinking it should not be too much longer.
I began to worry because I can’t be without a car for 2 days
Because of my responsibilities.
I figured that he would update me before he goes home,
He never did, I end up calling again at 6pm and they were closed already. My heart drop I could not believe the closed
Up without informing me of my vehicle status, yes they went home with out a word. I have my door keys on my key ring, which I would have gotten if they were keeping my car, also I would have made arrangements to get another vehicle to take care of my responsibilities.
What kind of professional shop would not keep you informed of your vehicle.
Mr Jackson it seems like we’re going to have to keep your car until Monday because we’re closed on Sunday.
Now I’m out of a car for 2 days and no telling if I get it back on Monday!
Monday they expect me to pay a thousand dollars for there service, even though I can’t make money because of their negligence.

Suggested solution:

I’m not sure but some type of compensation, maybe pay for the part and not the labor, I just don’t know

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