Etsy complaint: ETSY sellers app does not work

Complaint from Alice Proia reported on 25 May 2023 about Etsy

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My complaint:

ETSY introduced an new app for sellers on May 23. It is unusable because new app does not upload photos.ETSY will not allow posting of new items with out photos. Since May 23 I have been in touch with ETSY at least 4 times using their contact us feature. I get responses that are irrelevant to my problem. The responses are always signed with a different persons name, which shows me that there is no consistent effort by one person to help me. I depend on ETSY for supplemental income, I am 75 years old, and have worked very hard to make my shop successful.

Suggested solution:

ETS should fix the app ASAP so I can download photos. I do all my ETSY work from my IPhone, all my photos are stored there, so I cannot post from any other device, which ETSY keeps suggesting to me, even though I have explained the above over and over to them.

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Olivia (@guest_6815)
1 year ago

I haven’t had this problem but currently on the new app it doesn’t allow me to make new variations on listings. I’m losing my mind Etsy fix this now!