Etsy complaint: Account suspension for no reason

Complaint from Scammed by Etsy reported on 25 May 2023 about Etsy

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My complaint:

I do not believe this treatment by the customer reps of Etsy. I will keep complaining until I am provided a solution. My account was suddenly shut down without any warning, the next step was that they permanently disabled my account. I have provided all tracking numbers to customers but still the customers lie and scam and etsy refunds them money from my account. As soon as the item is shipped, the customers change their mind about buying and ask for a refund. Etsy trusts these scamming customers but won’t trust the sellers. Then they say that there is no way that I will be given a chance or even an answer about this problem. This was unfair to me as a seller. This is not the right way to treat a seller. I have spent my energy, time, money and effort in creating the Etsy shop and they say that I can never sell or buy on Etsy. Etsy is violating the sellers’ rights.

I repeat.. Etsy is violating the sellers’ rights!!

Suggested solution:

They should open my account as soon as possible and refund me my money

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