Complaint: CURSED OUT IN THE DRIVE THRU on 04-19-2020

on 20 April 2020 about Dunkin Donuts in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I went through the drive thru like I do every SatSunday mornings. I place the same order and this time the man told me they only had coconut and French vanilla for the iced coffee- I chose the French vanilla and a everything bagel with cream cheese. When I arrived at the window I gave the man my cc and he charged me $4.02 and handed me a HOT COFFEE. I explained I ordered an ice coffee and bagel, I was told my order didn’t come up in the system, I explained I wanted a refund for the HOT COFFEE I paid for and didn’t order and requested the items I did order. He refunded my CC and told me to go through again…..I sat for a few cars placed my order again and ed it this time. I got to the window where the same man was, he walked away and some nasty and I mean nasty black woman asked me what I ordered and I exp this was my second time coming through and at this point whatever they felt I ordered I would take. I was screamed and cursed at by this lady who was hanging as much as could fit through the window. She screamed DO NOT COME BACK HERE YOU RUNE FUCKING BITCH. ME being rude? I was polite and explained I would have kept the HOT COFFEE I DIDN’T ORDER. I was amazed and very taken back that DD allows and keeps people like this to represent DD.

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Suggested solution:

I think the tape needs to be viewed on 04-19-2020 between 11:00 and 11:45 I am not sure what time it was, I have never been so shocked to be treated like this by an employee. This black lady needs to be reprimanded and be made to take an anger class. These are some hard and very uneasy times and people cannot go around cursing profanity at people while on the time clock and being employed.

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