Complaint: Called 2 location’s and both was very rude.

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I was trying to order dinner for my 11 and 12 yr old and myself for us it was late and we was hungry. As a single mom its a treat to order pizza. I call the location on Mcpherson and first a gentlemen answered and acted very confused as I said I wanted to place an order for delivery on October 17th 2020. He had no phone skills at all and asked me to hold twice and came back and cussed not relizing I could here and so could the kids. He put me back on hold and hung up, I called back and a girl answers and I explained Im calling back and just trying to place an order, she thought she put me on hold im assuming and said I hate stupid white women and came back on and said hello and as was hanging up said
stupid b_____ hung up. So I called the one on 1187 rendon Crowley Rd. The lady answered and said her employee’s was to backed up she wasnt taking any orders and hung up. So I want to inform Your company. So we had sandwiches cause had to go to a volunteer benefit the next morning. I was very upset that I was treated that way from 2 of your location’s The mcpherson location is the one that deliver’s but I will never order from there and the other location I was as i knew by calling that one would pick it up. Im hoping this will be addressed. And someone else doesn’t receive the racist comments. Very disappointed.

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Hopefully its not just ignored and passed by. In todays world its sad you get disrespected just trying to get a pizza. I would like to know this is addressed.

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