Complaint: Credit takin from my card that was never issued they investigated it and closed it saying I had to call the bank that took it

on 15 January 2021 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

On dec 1st 2020 my daughter went to take the rent money out she used the atm at us bank Cleveland ohio as the atm was in the process of dispensing the money a transformer blew across the street and the atm spit my card out and went completely black shutting off! It never released the money at all! She called me and I called direct express and the money was taken off but never dispensed it , I started a investigation right then because the money was gone but I never recieved it , my daughter decided to sit at the atm to give it a chance to turn back on and release the money it deducted but never gave us , she waited there for 30 mins (even took a video of the atm completly back and transformer across the street ) then the atm powered back up so she put my card in it and automatically the atm spit my card out and said out of order! Never releasing the money , I was freaking out and called direct express again and found that the atm put the money back on my card so it had taken the 680$ off right before it shut down never realesing the cash but put it back on my card so I was relieved thinking everything was ok I never received any money from the atm that originally took the 680$ off my card but not realesing the cash but my daughter sat there waiting for it to turn on and when it did she put my card in and the atm said out of order spit my card out but putting the 680$ back on my card , I called direct Express to let them know everything worked out fine but the lady told me not to follow up with the complaint and it would be done. So on dec 31 2021 I went to check my card to see when my next ssi payment would be in and the automatic lady said your balance is 680$ overdrawn! Then at 1 am when my ssi payment came through it took 680$ off my card I called and opened an investigation as to why my money was taking for no reason talked to several different people sat on hold for hours over the course of 15 days everyone i talked to said my money will be back on my card within 24 -48 hours it never came I had 3 different people tell me it would be there within days and it was not so I got 1 escalation number still no money then another escalation number still no money I called to get a 3rd escalation number and find out what was going on only to be told my case was investigated and closed jan 11 2021 ! They told me it was taken by us bank (the atm that caused all this is their atm) and there was nothing they could do for me that I had to take it up with us bank ! Devastated and confused I called and spoke to one us bank person that told me I had to talk to the one the atm was at i called them and they told me because i don’t have a us bank account with them they couldn’t help me and to call direct Express i told them I’ve been talking to direct express and they sent me to you they said it was nothing they could do for me so now what am I supposed to do direct Express allowed us bank to take a credit of 680$ off my card for money I never received and I have both company’s telling me to call the other so they just get to take my money for no reason I don’t understand I cant pay my rent this month and have no money because they took it for no reason!

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Figure out why I was robbed of 680$ that a atm never gave me , the proff has to be in the atm or in the atms records for that day . Help me get my money back please

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