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on 02 September 2022 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

It’s seems like everytime The V.A. zransfers money on my account to Direct Express , my card ( ‘ because of security reasons ‘) doesn’t work . I’ve been issued a so-called case and my identification is verified by Direct Express. I’ still unable to access my account. The card is blocked. I had the same problem last month and after running up my phone bill to over $210.00 trying to contact someone who knew what they were doing; the block was finally removed. Today is the 2 Sept. 2022 , 2 days now without access, because they’ve blocked my card again. I’ve been calling and writing e-mails to [email protected] to no avail. I’m a permanent resident in Germany and I recieve a V.A.Disabilty payment. Direct Express has this info , but they continually block my account. It’s as if you have to beg them for access.

Suggested solution:

I'm requesting an issue free ability to gain access to my account without the Direct Exprees blocking my attempts to withdrawl my funds. No more having to call in every month to have access to my funds. I am a permanent resident here in Büdingen , Germany. I still maintain my American citizenship. I am a disabled Army Veteran.

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Clarence (@guest_5461)
22 days ago

DIRECT EXPRESS FRUSTRATIONS! Im a US veterans and I am disabled. I am living in the Philippines. I am having problem accessing my fund from the VA and SSA because direct express blocked it. Direct express told me to go to ATM machine and check but everytime I checked with ATM it always says ” card cancelled”. Its been 5 days contacting direct express but no one is helpful enough to resolve my problem. My food is running out and I was not able to buy my medications since my direct express card is blocked me from withdrawing my fund… Read more »