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on 22 September 2020 about in category Retail Company

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I bought some masks from China . Seller send different models and materials . With the first shipping he send only 380 pieces instead of the 700 I paid for . The model was different from the one advertised. I asked him to not ship the rest due to poor quality of the items. The seller shipped anyway . I asked for a return address but the seller ignored my messages on purpose . I told him that I was shipping the items to the return address on the packages . The address was from a third part shipping company . The items got lost . I opened a dispute , but they assigned me a chinese analyst (Xiang Sailan-
She sided with the seller instead of looking at evidences. She started to tell me that I should keep the items, then she said that the shipping was cheaper for return the items and she started to lie about the prices of USPS. I lost the money to buy back the masks , time , business . Even that she had the courage to take $85 dollars from me for charge me for the return shipping and said that was fair . When I tried to explain my reasons she just kept lie and ignore me after all . Just because the seller is Chinese like her and she work for DHgate, she think she can do wherever she liked. I contacted DHgate many times but they just make me lose time. Now they started to say that they are busy for not talk to me . After the seller send me wrong and poor quality products, ignored my messages, refused to provide a return address, send the items anyway even if I told him to not to, Xiang Sailan decided that she is a chinese god , protector of cheater sh@t sellers and DHgate just don’ t give a sh@t . No customer service , nobody take you seriously . They are horrible . A bunch of assholes .

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I want my money with they wrongly took from me back. I had 43 dollars lost thanks to Xiang Sailan and DHgate and their “wonderful “ professionalisms

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