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on 11 April 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

My complaint with CashApp is with the Customer Service Department.
CashApp has 2 customer support service departments. 1 that handles calls the other that handles email’s.
Now it doesn’t do a customer any good to use there (customer support service online which is through the App itself). Cause they don’t know what they are doing cause you’ll get a different agent every email, but with the same response as the 1st one asking you to submit information about your account. I must have giving this information to them over 100 times still haven’t gotten anywhere with CashApp support team.
I even called there other (customer support team) like the email team they tell you (how they want to help you how they know how frustrated it is) but actually they don’t care at all cause they will just tell you that they will send you a email with the information that they need in order to fully help you your back to square 1 again. It doesn’t do any good to ask to speak to a supper visor cause they don’t have any. Go figure.

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They should have it to where the customer support team that you call is able to handle all questions be able to fix what ever it is that the customer needs done. They should also have supervisors there at all times that the customer can talk to if heshe feels that the agent isn't doing the job fairly.

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