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on 23 October 2020 about Capital One in category Banks

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I have spent so many hours trying to find a Capital One employee who can fix something. I have made it to the third level by being pleasant, calm and polite. My wife and I joined Costco a month ago and were convinced to get a Costco Capital one car. When it arrive it was for a limit of $1000 with no posibility of increase for six months. I actually applied on line and was granted a limit of $2000 without leving my desk. Your company policy appears to be NO ONE GETS MORE THAN TWO THOUSAND UNTIL AFTER SIX MONTHS
I have had a Capital One Aspire world elite card for several years with a limit of $12,500 I have used that card responsibly and a couple of times to the limit. This history is not transferable to another card
When I got the card it was based on a 2% return that Capital One has changed, at will, twice to now be 1.5% The card is now not viable within my visage of ROI
I use anywhere from $3000 to $12000 on a monthly basis What good is a card to me with a one or two thousand dollar limit

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Capital One and all the banks claim our business is very important to them but someone decided, with a stroke of a pen, that customers can't be trusted with a usable credit limit on new cards
Surely, someone can see the idiocy in this and who has the power to look at polite, patient, responsiblepeople on an individual basis.
All I want to do is obtain a Capital One Costco card that I can make use of

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Craig Kaufman
Craig Kaufman (@guest_2655)
7 months ago

Exactly! In my case, I requested a credit limit increase for a Capital One card after two years of timely payments. I have high income and low debt and said as much on my application for an increase. My credit scores are decent as well. I’m definitely not over-extended in any way. My denial letter said my credit usage was low. Nothing about any other reason, such as credit score, etc. I emailed the Director of Complaints and cc’d the CEO. After a week, I received a voicemail and called them back. The executive office left a note saying they… Read more »