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on 25 October 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

We have a complaint about “Suite Opera Bastille” in Paris of not providing us liveable apartment, ruining our holidays and not giving us a refund.

We booked “Suite Opera Bastille” in Paris for 5 nights for 2 families from 9 of October to 14 of October 2022.

We where looking forward to our holidays with our friends from Australia. We, ourself where coming from Jersey.

On the day of checking in, 9 of October, owner of apartment message me and said that we can’t use a toilet and a kitchen sink on arrival. I said it’s ok if you can fix it as soon as possible. He said he will try to fix it next day.

Our friends where arriving first and I let them know that they can’t use toilet and a kitchen sink.

When they arrived, around 6pm on 9 of October, their were met with puddle of water on the floor. They DID NOT used toilet or kitchen sink as requested.

When we landed in Paris with my family at 22:30 my friends called me and said that it’s got worse, it’s in emergency in apartment. Toilet is overflowing, sewerage water everywhere, on a floor, carpets completely soaked, you can’t walk on a floor and it’s smell very bad.

Someone came and cutoff water supplies in whole apartment building. Neighbors we’re leaving the building to stay somewhere else till it fixed.

We didn’t have help from the owner and at 11pm we had to go and look for other accommodation. Kids were very tired and it’s not how we wanted to start our holidays.
We ended up finding a hotel to stay, it was expensive but because we didn’t have choice, we had to sleep somewhere, we took it.

In a meantime we where trying to contact a for help but their were not helpful.
Next day more calls to and no help. Owner stoped replying our messages.

Owner said to that it was “no show” from us that clearly its a lie, we where there, neighbors saw us.

Did you, and the owner of apartment expect us to pay money to live in a sewerage and faeces? Our holidays was ruined because of this apartment, owner of apartment and

The damage what was made by water not fixable in one day. Carpets and floor boards needed to be removed to make it liveable again.

Now we asking for refund and compensation for our holidays. We have photosvideos as a proof and we prepare to share it on social media platforms and complain to relevant departments.
Video is attached below.

We followed rules, paid money and just expected to have a nice holidays, have a liveable place to stay that not a bio hazard. Is it too much to ask?

No we ask you to follow the rules and give us a refund and compensation for not providing us a safe and liveable place to stay.

Thank you for listening to me.
I hope you can resolve this situation.

Natallia Pellew

Suggested solution:

We need our money back.

Ruined holidays
Ruined holidays
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