Complaint: My refunds

on 14 May 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I have make a reservation on 31 March 2022 – 01 April 2022 at [Anggun Stays w Netflix KLCC View] under apps.

When my reservation successfully, I received a message in from the owner that told me make the payment to her bank account. But I try to Whatsapp the owner see weather got reply or not, I asked few questions, still got reply.

After I make the payment to the owner and ask how to check in?
The owner no respond at all (message and call).
For your information, I keep asking the owner how to check in until the time 7pm

Then, I called customer service, told them my issues.

Suggested solution:

They say will help me to cancel the reservation.

The main points is this property owner is under their merchant, they told me that they can't get the owner too.
But will help me to solve the problem and get back my refunds.

I requested my refunds on 31 March 2022, it is being 44 days, still haven't get any reply from them.

Now, they ask me to get a dispute charges and if not possible they will need an official bank document with bank stamp ing that the dispute is not possible.

My bank won't provide the documents, because the payment is successful and make it through my bank website.

My refunds
My refunds
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