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on 30 May 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I booked accommodation in Hobart for 2 nights, gave credit card details and received a ation. I was then advised by the accommodation owner that had quoted and charged me for only one night and not 2 so I’d have to double the payment. I spoke to who refused to honor their ed rate and payment. They stated I hadn’t actually been charged so we actually had no true contract. I have returned from my trip to find that I have in fact been charged for this cancelled accommodation. When I phoned they stated it could take up to 30 days to refund me for accommodation that they;
1. Charged
2. Confirmed
3. Refused to honor the rate that they set
4. Lied that I would not be charged.

Suggested solution:

I should be refunded immediately AND compensated for the time it has taken me to;
1. Speak to the accomodation provider
2. Speak with
3. Find alternative accomodation (nb- no reasonably priced accommodation was available by the time I was notified by and so I was forced to pay a premium at another location)
4. The time to now contact to discuss a refund
5. The time I expect to spend chasing a refund as I have NO CONFIDENCE that will in fact refund me.

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