Complaint: Flight Name change – charged for but never received new ticket booking

on 27 June 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

On May 25th 2021 I booked flight tickets to go to Vegas from Heathrow for myself, my friend and my daughter. The flight was for 1st April 2022 Flight D3GWLS Total cost for 3 flights £1649.57
On 30th March 2022 I realised I had booked my daughters ticket in her maiden name rather than her married name as on her passport.
I called Virgin to ask if I could change just the name on the ticket (only the surname as everything else was the same) I was told as I had booked with I needed to go directly to you.
I called yourselves and was told at first it couldn’t be done but after a long conversation I was told yes under some COVID regulation it could be done.
You said that you would need to cancel the original booking and I would need to pay more money at todays rate. I looked and the flight had gone up from the original £549.86 to over £1000 at the time.
I agreed if this was what I needed to do I would do it and I was told to send a copy of her passport and I would receive a link to pay the difference.
I sent her passport details (Heidi Robinson) original flight was booked under Heidi Evans.
I then received a link from Go To Gate eTrackNr. 54242155 for a payment of £513.00 which I paid immediately.
I received a new flight ation showing that Heidi had been removed from the original booking but no new booking reference for her new flight under the name of Robinson.
I called and chased and was told that the new ticket would be over later that day. (by 2.00 pm)
At 2.00 pm more or less to the minute I received another link for another £179.00?
I checked the flight and it had increased in price again?
So in desperation I paid the £179.00 and again got a new booking with Heidi re moved but no new booking for her under Robinson?
I called and called again the number I had spoken to earlier but could not get through.
The new flight details never did come through and I then had to book another new flight for Heidi directly with Virgin to ensure she was on the same flight as the wedding party.
I don’t think this message explains how stressed the whole experience was for me. This was a ticket for my daughter to go to my other daughters Hen party.
I tried to call you when I came home and couldn’t get through so I have been dealing with this complaint now through my credit card company. They are requesting you return the original £549.86 for the original booking which you show you removed from the original booking and also the 2 further payments for the name change whereby you never send a new flight booking.
These payments were on 31st March
£513.00 and £179.00
Total cost £1241.86

I have all the emails as evidence if you want me to send over to show Heidi removed from original booking, emails asking for new payment etc

I have used for many years but I will never use you again for a flight as I will always book directly. This experience was the worst I have ever experienced.

Suggested solution:

Please refund me the total £1241.86 for a flight booking for my daughter which you never provided under her married name. All I wanted was a new booking under Robinson. You took all that money off me and never provided a ticket for her.

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