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on 03 September 2022 about in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

On 062522 I set a reservation through a booking app for a car rental to be picked up in Dubrovnik Croatia from dates 8522 to 81322. A reservation was given to me via the app which is 720622524 with payment upfront taken on 62522 for the amount of $1504.44. The car I have chosen was listed as a Volkswagen T cross or similar. On 8522 me and my husband went to a car rental place to get the car. When we got there one of the representatives was nice, he talked to us about the insurance that we could get for the car and said that everything is ready we can sign the paperwork and they will bring the car, They stated the car was at the car wash while we were there. Me and my husband purchased the extra insurance while waiting on the car. Another representative brought the car and asked for us to go to do an inspection. All of us walked to the car, my self and my husband noticed that this car is damaged on the side door, so we told them that we didn’t feel comfortablesafe driving this car, also we told them that we are going to attend to a wedding and the car was not in the satisfactory condition (The doors were not aligned correctly). I asked if they could give us another and they told us that they didn’t have another car on the lot. I advised if they do not have another vehicle that we are going to cancel this reservation. The manager was rude, he kept saying how this car is new and had low mileage, and he kept on insisting that this was a good car even though it was damaged. We canceled the reservation without an immediate refund. We were told to contact and they should refund the full amount of money. Since we didn’t have cellular data we couldn’t call there. Due to the experience I had at the car rental, it cost me to lose a full day of our family vacation, and we tried to reach out to without cellular data to get my refund, I spoke with a representative at and he told me that I will get $1157.27 and to get $347.17 back I would need to send an explanation letter to file complaint with uploaded pictures of the car damaged. The booking Reference number for the call was 720622524 – Rowena D. We attached a picture of the damaged car, and took snapshots of the car that they are presenting on the website. I feel robbed of my money; we had a very unpleasant experience. This complaint allows me to post only one file into the upload box.

Suggested solution:

To refund $347.17 to my account and to pay for the loss of the time with my family for a whole day.

car reservation canceled
car reservation canceled
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