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on 21 August 2020 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

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I received the letter at 1o’clock in the post for the deal on Stella. My business is a husband and wife operated team. Today I was out of town for my daughter’s medical appointment in London. I requested the manager Mr William Monroe to keep aside 20stella cases as they on one day deal. He first told me that he cannot do it and I have to do click and collect. So I ordered online, made payment and told him that my husband will collect it by today when there Is someone to cover him. He was very rude. This has happened now third time and he is never been helpful. I asked him to transfer the phone call to Gareth as he knows the issues with me. Mr Gareth is very kind and understands me in case when I have some situations which are out of my control so wanted to speak to him but Mr Monroe was very rude, did not transfer the phone call and hung upon me. This absolutely unacceptable. Earlier he had some issues with the deliveries as well. It is very frustrating and favours discrimination. One of our business friend was in store and he told us there were 26 cases when I ordered online as what Mr Monroe suggested and afterwards he turn me down saying I can’t do it online. This is not my daily practice but sometimes there are situations where you need to take advantage of the deal but you can’t but can be resolved if the managers are helpful. I don’t expect him to favour everytime but sometimes definitely yes depending on the situation. My husband called him that he was closing the shop for a while to come and collect the cases but he completely denied and said there are only 6 left. If he should have filled the trolley with 20 cases for which I had made the payment already. It would have easy for my husband to collect. I think he was s definitely doing favourism or doesn’t know what he is doing.

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I need the Stellas with the same price by today or tomorrow with same price on the deal. You can check on system that I had already entered card details with ref no 1234. The same manager said the ref does make any sense. The actual problem was not listening to what customer is trying to say and acting as he doe not care.This is absolutely a shame. A majority of Asians customers are have bh this problem with him.

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