Complaint: Disrespectful behaviour of the receptionist and blocking my entry.

on 16 February 2022 about Basic-Fit in category Fitness & Sports Centers

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My complaint:

My entry is blocked in the Basic Fit Rue Mont Louis Paris 75011 by the receptionist “MR. Brahim” . Even after my last complaint, he forced all the subscribers (including me) TO LEAVE THE GYM AT 22:15, EVEN IF THE CLOSING HOURS MARKED ON THE WEBSITE IS 22:30. I WAS OUT OF THE GYM AT 22:25 (basic fit team can verify my exit time by looking at the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the gym), RESPECTING THE CLOSING TIME MENTIONED ON THE WEBSITE OF BASICFIT, BUT STILL I AM BLOCKED IN THE BASIC FIT RUE MONT LOUIS PARIS 75011.

Can the administration of basic fit explain to me that if it is mentioned somewhere in the contract that the receptionist will close the gym as per their wish without respecting the time mentioned on the website?

Is there any senior administration to control acts like this and take action against its employees who like to insult, block and throw out it subscribers again and again.

If the closing time of the gym is really 22:15 then it must be updated on the websites or otherwise the receptionists must be told to respect the closing time(22:30) and not to force and insult the subscribers to quit the gym early before the prescribed time.

I again request for justice and action against the unprofessional behaviour of receptionist Mr. Brahim to repeatedly blocking my access to the gym Rue Mont Louis for no reason.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

1. UNBLOCKING my access to BasicFit Rue Mont Louis Paris 75011.
2. A written apology from Mr. Brahim who insulted me and forced me to quit the Gym before the official closing time displayed on website.

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