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on 22 March 2021 about ASAP Tickets in category Travel

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My complaint:

On 030421, around 5:30 Pm, I made a call to ASAP TICKETS to inquire on the price of a round trip ticket from BWI to Honolulu-departing BWI on 031221 and returning on 031921. Valencia picked my call and decided to help me. He checked on the different flights and the prices for these dates.
At 8:00 pm on 030421, we agreed on a price ($740.00) for the above dates. At 8:21 we finalized price ($795.55) with travel insurance. for those dates. At 8:26, he sent me a credit card authorization to fill.
He was on the phone with me he told me he has marked some parts and I should check no for the others and put in my credit card information. I did that and summited the form. He said it was all fine and he will call me 4 pm ET on 030521 to everything before issuing the ticket. On 030521 at 4 p.m., he never called. I sent him an email that I was still waiting for his call.
He replied and said he was with a customer. At 7:45 pm I got an email from him that my ticket to Honolulu has been issued.
He followed up with a call, saying that he had to issue the ticket because of price increase but he never said he issued it for a different date-031321. I asked why he never ed with me before issuing the ticket and he said because the price was going up.
Since I knew we had settled on the date and time of the flight and since he didn’t mention any changes to the flight, I took it that all was as discussed. I told him to email the ticket to my daughter as she was the one travelling. He did.
On 030921, I received an email from American airline saying that I should get ready for my flight on 031321. I was surprised. I sent an email at 1:41 pm to Valencia asking him what that American airline email meant. He never responded till 8:24 p.m. in which he said he was off work and will check the following day for me. He also stated he had discussed this ticket with me but that’s not true. I have witnesses. There was no mention of 031321. I made several calls to him that day to no avail. I just wanted to know what our options are under the circumstances. My flight was on the 12th. He emailed saying that he will be in the office at 1 p.m. on 031021 and told me not to call till he does.
On 031021 at 3:02 p.m., he emailed that he was heading to the office. I emailed him to call when he gets there. He never did. I called several times to no avail. He emailed telling me not call. I called customer service instead and they connected me with him. He said he was working on it and will get back to me within 2 hours. At 5.04pm he emailed me saying he was working with customer service on my issue and will call me. He never did. I called several times to no avail. I went through customer service and they never got him.
At 9:45 p.m, he emailed and said he was with a customer and will call me in a bit. Again, no call came. I tried again. Nothing. He emailed at 10:45pm saying he will call in a bit. He never did. At 11:45 P.m .I emailed him that I was still waiting for his call.
On 031121 at 8:08 a.m he emailed this“I was still waiting for the reply of the csr department Ma’am. I will definitely call u tomorrow cos they alrdy replied to my request but i can view it once im in the office tomorrow,” Last response from him.
When I got this email, I asked him what he wanted me to do as my flight was the next day. I needed to make alternative plans for my trip. It was already less than 24 hrs. to my departure and he won’t even call and tell me anything. At this point I realized that he was simply avoiding me. At 8:40 on 031121, after a consultation with another agent, I decided to go ahead and buy another ticket for my trip with the hope of a refund from ASAP TICKETS

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Suggested solution:

I am by this complaint requesting a total refund of my second ticket. I paid 795.55 USD
Including flight protection for the flight Valencia booked for me. I paid $1005.30 for the ticket I traveled with. Hence the refund I expect from ASAP tickets is $1005.30 nothing less.
I also want to let ASAP Tickets know that Valencia is a very rude, greedy, and self-serving individual. He does not treat customers with an iota of respect. All he wants is grab monies from customers and hide from them when they need help. If he had acted on 030921, we would have resolved this issue without any more out of pocket money. I needed 3 days according to the airline and the other agent to make any changes and we right at that dead line. Hence Valencia is not fit for the job and ASAP Tickets needs to improve their customer service system. Every call made to customer service has to end with the agent who created the problem. It’s a waste of time trying to resolve a problem

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