agoda complaint: Lies and misleading promises

Complaint from Sashells reported on 16 August 2023 about agoda

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My complaint:

I had contacted this booking company before two weeks ago regarding my booking and if they could modify it to the next day. They then replied to me and told me the property had declined this and the change was not able to be completed. I then contacted the hotel and asked them if they had received any conformation on agreeing to my modification and they implied they did not receive anything which they had to accept or decline. So i had stated to them that this was a lie and the hotel had accepted this offer all they needed was a modified email. I was then told in a couple of days I shall receive an email regarding this change. I had no received anything. So i called up they had told me they had to contact the person in between this and they would contact the hotel and see if they accept it. I was told this repeatedly with no update. I then called back again and again and was told i would be contacted by email then message then within 6 hours then within 1 hour and was not contacted at all. I then phoned again and had stated i have not had any change within two weeks they demanded i had to wait. Even thought it is 1 day until my check in date. I asked for some compensation and they said they where unable to. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and got told I would have to call back in 20 mins. As i did. I reached someone and they told me the supervisor was unavailable. They kept telling me i just have to wait bearing in mind i had 24 hours until my check in. I asked what if i have to wait until past my check in time the man stated oh you wont i will make sure. I was lied to and given false information. Because i had no update even though i stated the deadline was 48hrs before my check in. I asked for the mans name he gave it to me. I then asked what department he worked for he then said he was unable to give this information. I then repeatedly kept asking him and he kept stated I had to wait and that was it!

Suggested solution:

I want a full complete refund and for this to be taken further.

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