Complaint: Most Abrupt Incompetent Tech Billing Support

on 03 October 2020 about Zoom in category Mobile App, Software

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My complaint:

I hosted a meeting on Day 1 using my Personal Meeting ID. During the meeting I assigned someone else as Host and left the meeting. After this every time I tried to log on to a meeting from my Personal Meeting ID, the error message said Leave Meeting: The Host has ended the Meeting. I went and checked if my monthly invoices were paid. 2 were pending. I checked and realized that my card had expired and I changed the card details immediately and paid my invoices like a loyal and trusting customer would. When the status did not change even after my card was debited with the payment, and Zoom Billing ed the receipt of the payment, I submitted many feedback reports (directly from the app), and posted 2 complaints to Zoom Tech Support Zoom Billing respectively. When I tried to connect through Chat Support, I waited 2.5 hours on Day 2, and was abruptly just CUT OFF, after being told to wait. So I tried customer forums for self-help, and deleted all the cookies and cache memory from my computer and phone, and re-installed the app on both devices, AND I updated my Zoom complaints about the same. This is when I started getting useless emails – like emails asking me if I still needed support!!!!!!!!!!! When I responded with a YES! Some guy called Joe Adams goes and MERGES my billing and tech support complaints, and CLOSES the one tagged to Tech Support, and I am told by Mr. RonE at Chat Support that my issue has been escalated. Day 4 and still NOTHING. Then I get a Patricia Llagas on Chat Support who tells me to wait as she is checking out my info. She repeatedly does this for 25 minutes, and then ENDS the conversation with ZERO warning! I have paid for a whole MONTH of Licensed User services in advance. My billing is from Sep 15th onwards. For 6 DAYS now (from 27 Sept 2020 to 03 Oct 2020 today), I have not been able to host a meeting. I want to Cancel my subscription of course, but I demand a refund of the proportionate amount to be given to me. I have now missed a week of office meetings due to a SIMPLE error not being fixed by Zoom after multiple requests.

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REFUND ME THE ENTIRE AMOUNT PAID FOR SEPTEMBER 2020. I have used 12 days of subscription out of 30 days. 1 month payment is $14.99. I don't care how small or big the amount is, ON PRINCIPLE I require the UNUSED SERVICES to be REFUNDED, and Zoom to pay the rest for the harrow they have caused me.

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