Zara complaint: Unable to get a refund

Complaint from Sheila Gridley reported on 01 September 2023 about Zara

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My complaint:

On a day trip to Edinburgh yesterday, I purchased a pair of trousers costing £30. When I tried them on at home they were unsuitable, and I wanted to return them to my local branch in Newcastle. Unfortunately the store is closed for several months for refurbishment. I have tried for over an hour describing the situation to a robot on line as the telephone number does not work. I have been going round in circles trying to get an answer from a real person, which it is impossible. It seems you can only get a refund if the article was bought on line, otherwise you have to return the goods to a store. My nearest store is 100 miles away in York! I’ve explained this several times to a robot, ( no chance of speaking to a real person in this company) and asked for a return label or at least an English address of customer services to enable me to post the trousers, together with the receipt, for a refund
I am disappointed with this situation and disgusted with this company. I feel helpless to. Action this any further and accept that I have to keep a useless pair of trousers because of the impossible rules of this so called reputable company. Please reply to this email

Suggested solution:

Send me a return label or T least an address to which I can post the trousers and receipt before the 39 day period for returns

Zara complaint Unable to get a refund
Zara complaint Unable to get a refund
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