Complaint: Theft of money

on 16 February 2022 about Wowcher in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I made a purchase on in FebruaryMarch 2020 just before lockdown occurred: – Order number 33260851, a luxury Spa day at Slaley Hall in Northumberland. This was unfortunately cancelled and unable to be used due to the pandemic of COVID-19, I asked for a refund at the time and was provided with a credit to my Wowcher wallet of the full value (£119).

Over the following 2 years I have attempted to purchase a similar experience in the North East of England but have been unable to do so as none of the offers seem to be in this area. I was also unfortunate to require a prolonged hospital stay and treatment in September 2021. I attempted to purchase some garden and office equipment or a lesser Spa experience in a local facility to find that my funds were no longer available. I was offered a reinstatement of my money and told that when I make a purchase that my Wowcher wallet would be used to over the full cost despite having to put in payment details.

I have now made a purchase of two items totalling £131.97 order number: – 40634267, in doing so I was not offered the option of using the full balance of my Wowcher credit and instead have been charged the full £131.97 via my PayPal account. I have no further need to and do not wish to use the Wowcher website and I am requesting that the £119 that remains in the Wowcher wallet be refunded to my bank account or to my PayPal account as my purchase has been made and fully paid for.

This complaint has been explained to Wowcher on no less than 13 occasions and i get the same reply, that they have reapplied the credit to my Wowcher wallet on a one off. I have made 3 separate request to make a formal complaint that are completely ignored by the two customer service agents that I have correspondence from.

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Suggested solution:

Wowcher need to acknowledge my request for a formal complaint and provide me with the details on how to do just that.

They also ned to acknowledge that their system did not provide me with the option to use the funds they held for me to make a purchase and that money is to be refunded to my bank account.

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