Winn-Dixie complaint: cant reach by phone

on 18 March 2023 about Winn-Dixie in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

O K so their busy in the morning to after 2:00 Pm after their lunch and sometimes all day.
my complaint when I leave a message for a call back, I get no call back. The prescription does get filled but the automated doesnt call me either. I end up having to drive there stand in line and then place prescription refill by word of mouth, then I have to drive back later to finally get it. Staff has 2 or 3 people lately and are very Polite.
My main complaint is If I request a call back I should receive one in a timely manner, so I dont have to drive there twice each month every month till snowbirds leave on Easter and Memorial Day June !st

Suggested solution:

Answer call backs, or have automated call, to let its ready for pick up.

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