Whataburger complaint: That the milkshake machine has been down for 3 months

on 15 January 2023 about Whataburger in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

We have been to the store in century Florida. Way before Christmas and the milkshakes machine was down. Now here it is 11423 and it’s still down. I called the store to see if it was up and they said it was working. So I drive 30 minutes to get a milkshake and I set in the drive though line for 10 minutes and go to order a milkshake and they than tell me that it is not working after I drove 30 minutes. And this not the first time this has happened. If y’all can’t get it mixed the just close the doors. Because I am going to tell everybody that I know not to go to that store and hope they close it down. I will never eat at whatabuger again. They could be last place to eat and I would not eat there.

Suggested solution:

Close the doors.

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