Whataburger complaint: Non existent service

on 07 May 2023 about Whataburger in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On 5-7-23 around 5pm walk into store because drive thru is backed up. No one at counter wait a couple of minutes with no one showing up. Step around end of counter and see 4 people just standing there. No one acknowledges me nothing. One older person speaks up saying come on guys I need help to get these food orders out with no response. I go back to the front of the counter wait for about 2 minutes no one shows up so I turn around and walk out. I have had issues with this location before and even lodged a complaint with no response. Luckily there is a Burger King right down the road. Happily walked in ordered my food spent $45 worth of burgers and headed home. There seems to be no supervision at this location at certain times. I’ve talked to friends and neighbors with similar stories. It’s a shame nice location but definitely not worth the headaches. Good luck.

Suggested solution:

It's your store. Your decision.

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