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on 22 July 2022 about Vueling in category Airlines

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FOA Marco Sansavini, CEO IAG

Yesterday’s teturn trip from Bilbao back to Gatwick, staff’s attitude were so appalling and dreadfully aggressive!

I arrived alone at Bilbao’s Airport to check-in early, wearing my mask on my wrist, just in case I was required to do so. No one was wearing one at the airport which was a relief after two years of hell!

I got through the passport control fine and sat downstairs. We all were called to have our boarding pass checked and I could see that your friendly staff were not wearing one.

So I proceeded to board, I could feel the tensed atmosphere of being watched.
Soon as I walked down the Aile, already half way down to 7A, I suddenly felt a jerk, a sudden jolt on my shoulder with my knapsack falling off! It was your staff was trying to take it off!
So Iturned round and put my knapsack on an empty seat by asking this aggressive cat, the member of your crew! She was waving her finger masked! I had to explain that I deaf and only lipread! I quickly asked her move her mask as she was waving her finger do much and very aggressively pointed at the door! I showed her my mask and assured her that I will wear it as soon as I sat down! She would have none of it with the absolute anger in her eyes!

There was no opportunity for me to say that I am triple vaccinated, etc!

This was a most appalling experience I have ever had years of going abroad!
I have flown with Jetblue and I will no longer fly with Vueling as this experience was so appalling. I won’t forget that Cat member of your staff!

Yet, on return at Gatwick she stood in front the cockpit door as you can see the picture for your own reference as I couldn’t get her name as the badges are too small for me to see!

I left the aircraft masked and she continued to protest and attempted to get the air side to call someone. So I knew I had to keep walking and followed other passengers without any more problems!

Her aggressive approach should not be tolerated if your airline is too survive! I will look at other airlines as their diversity records and experience are far better!

I also have to say that your website is absolutely near impossible to get want I wanted. It was a terrible tease by pushing youme in a corner by attempting to purchase more luggage allowances. There is no flexibility at all if I wanted to return empty, etc.
You need to amend the impossibility to attract the returning customers.

Even I tried to check-in the night before, unfortunately I had to ask the hotel manager to add in my details. That was also a terrible tease as the website was also near impossible! We got there in the end by repeating the details again and again! Then we got there in the end to my relief then this aggressive episode happened on board the aircraft!

Even trying to ring your airline via relay system was an awful experience as theoperator had to returning to the main switchboard several times!
We gave up after attempting three times with half hour wasted each times as long as the flight!

FYI as a previous Trustee of two charities years ago, I am born deaf who continues to lipread even with the Cochlear Implant, I do not Sign and still cannot use a phone!

Your staff clearly needs an immediate a few days or 100 hours of awareness courses to meet the DDA standard.
It is not impossible to get over it to achieve a minimum standard benchmark!
Be nice and always smile unmasked to your customers from all walks of life, salut!

Because it was so bad, they do seriously need to be vetted in these challenging situations!

You have my reassurances that I feel that I do not really to say anything more!

Thank you for listening,

With kind regards,


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As per se in my last few paragraphs

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