Vinted complaint: Vinted cancelled shipped order

Complaint from Abcdelise reported on 15 August 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

This is the first message I sent vinted:
hi, i had an issue with InPost last week with two separate purchases. my first one has now been resolved since contacting vinted as I had proof of postage. the problem was basically that my InPost lockers were full each day i went to them. I live rurally and only have two within distance of me and I contacted the buyer regarding purchasing my own label for them on their behalf, as otherwise the parcel couldn’t be sent and I didn’t want to mess them about and/or receive a negative review. I have attached proof (my conversation with the buyer) and the tracking for the purchase as well. it has been sent next day delivery so it is due to be delivered tomorrow. I wouldn’t want it to be automatically cancelled when their parcel turns up tomorrow as they will have the item and I will be out of pocket. I have now removed InPost from my shipping methods to prevent this happening again. I didn’t realise beforehand that I had the option to do that. I’m requesting that the order is not cancelled today by vinted for the reasons above, as I have photographic proof as attached. thank you so much for your assistance. Elise

I have photos as proof of the conversation too

Suggested solution:

Pay me for the item I have sent. And remove auto review.

Vinted complaint Vinted cancelled shipped order
Vinted complaint Vinted cancelled shipped order
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