Vinted complaint: Account blocked at 4.5k positive reviews

Complaint from Gracepenney123 reported on 29 January 2024 about Vinted

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My complaint:

I have been selling and buying on Vinted for nearly 2 years, never had any huge issues with the platform until 2 days ago on Friday 26th Jan. I logged in as I thought it had been quiet on there to see my account had been blocked, without a 30 day ban, warning, nothing. I was told I’d listed an item that wasn’t deemed right for Vinted and as they had told me before if I carried on doing it I would be banned. Yes I listed the item last year and yes I got a warning and item deleted, fine. Fast forward over a year and I can see the SAME item being sold on numerous different accounts so I thought oh they must have changed the rules so I uploaded. My account was blocked for this reason.

Suggested solution:

I would like for them to reinstate my account lovesclothes88 or at least just give me a 30 day ban to think about what I’ve done. I’ve worked so hard to get my reviews and following up and I feel as though I’ve been left with nothing and their automated customer service chat is beyond a joke. I’d like a conversation over the phone with an actual human who isn’t reading from a script

Account blocked at 4.5k positive reviews
Account blocked at 4.5k positive reviews
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