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on 08 March 2023 about Uber in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

Uber lies about paying wait time. They make it look like you were paid by taking time off the drive time adding in the wait time. I had a trip that there was 20min drive time miles 10 wait time. Instead of adding wait time 10min to 20min drive time for 30min total my earnings for drive time was lowered to 10min. There was no way I could have driven that far in 10min. Every trip with a wait time they do the same thing they don’t care if it’s illegal. I have lots of screenshots with wait time their time stamped as well. This is with the upfront pricing making us agree or we can’t drive. When I msg support send in the screenshots they say the total is correct because you excepted the trip which is true but there no way that computer generated time price miles know if a rider is going to be late how long.’

Suggested solution:

By not stealing min miles from every driver. That is illegal.Uber does this every wait time.

They have also acknowledged that there has been missing trips from my earnings other drivers as well. One I found was a $62 trip on a Monday morning. It started at 2am with multiple stops. I cashed out at 3am because I wasn’t going to complete the ride before 4am it was not added or deposited the following week. I am still msg Uber about that ride it happened in January keep getting excuses when they stop I send it again since I received no answer no information on what trips were missing

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