Uber Eats complaint: Rude Uber Eats Driver

on 28 August 2022 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I am a single mum in a flat with 2 babies. Money was taken from my account (fraud) so I had nothing to feed my babies with.
My friend kindly send groceries to my flat so I could feed my kids I and the driver was extremely rude to me. He told me I should never order via UberEats ever again as I lived in a flat and was extremely disrespectful towards me as I am a single mum in a flat.

I am already stressed and this was an extremely upsetting thing to happen – at this rate I wont order from UberEats ever again.

Suggested solution:

Would like a partial refund to my order and an apology, and for that driver to be told not to talk to people like that

Rude Uber Eats Driver
Rude Uber Eats Driver
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