Uber Eats complaint: Cold food 2 hours late

on 27 August 2022 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Just too clarify this was my yesterdays order just trying to order some from Uber eats

So firstly I order The Mexican food place , 20 mins go by , for the restaurant to ring me and tell me their closing soon , so had to get a refund , so 20 quid down with no food ..
So I order McDonald’s around 11pm , it tells me it’ll be ready for 11.40 , delivery picks it up then puts it down then delivery driver changes like twice nearly 3 times ! I’ve got screenshots of my messages with the Uber eats delivery driver , that this restaurant is under staffed and run by idiots , and my order got thrown to back of the line freezing cold not even put under heat lamp ! When my food finally arrives at 12.45 absolutely freezing and the drinks all melted no ice in them just warm milkshake , and I just asked for a refund and it’s not possible !! Are you joking right now !!! I’ll be taking this too court this is like the 10th this has happened in like 3 months !! I expect a refund !!! You gave me cold food , which I couldnt reheat cuz it’s chicken !!! 40 quid down and no fucking food ! Uber eats sort it out !!

Suggested solution:

Well as this is like the 10th time round this has happened , got all emails and photos to prove previous orders , got around 60 screenshots of all orders that have taken over 2 hours and all of those orders I havnt a refund calculating up to £270, so you pretty much owe me that much , I really hope something gets solved because I don't mind paying for court as I'll win with all this proof , everytime I just get a reply the same message over and over ! All on my emails and screenshots , gfys Uber eats

Cold food  2 hours late
Cold food  2 hours late
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