Complaint: Ridiculous dealing with canceled event.

on 01 June 2022 about Ticketmaster in category Entertainment Company

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Case Description:
I purchased two tickets to Pearl Jam at Royal Farms Arena for 28 March 2020. On 4 March 2020 I used the resell feature to sell the tickets as we were no longer able to attend. Due to COVID the original date was rescheduled. Recently the rescheduled date was cancelled. Today I received an invoice to pay for the tickets once again so Ticketmaster can refund the person who purchased them from me. The invoice email states nothing about how I will then get my refund so I did some digging on that process. According to their policy updated 1 Jan 2021 the way of it is I have to basically repurchase the tickets, and then once the event organizer submits the refund I will then be given my refund or sometimes the possibility of a credit. Then they contact me to say that because I did not update my payment info, which I did, I will not longer receive a refund. They are literally stealing $244 from me. First, all this occurred well before their 2021 policy, technically it happened prior to the pandemic being declared as such. Second, why should I have to buy back something I sold? I have been done with this and forgotten all about as it was well over two years ago. Third, seems to me if they are just waiting for a refund from the event organizer then that is now between them and the event organizer. I am DONE Ticketmaster, this is not the first time I have had issues but this is by far one of the most ridiculous issues so far. No point in given them another chance.

Suggested solution:

Give me my refund. Close my account and ALL dealings with them.

Ridiculous dealing with canceled event.
Ridiculous dealing with canceled event.
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