Complaint: Rude Obnoxious and denouncing behavior towards volunteers

on 10 September 2020 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

I have worked at this location for over 3 years with no complaint volunteering my services for free with nothing in exchange. In addition The Cathedral of The Holy Spirit Liberal Catholic Church which is owned by my father has given millions to the Organization over the years. Today after working about 1 hour into the day I was placing tables in areas as normal as they usually go. I decided to take a breather at one of the tables which just so happen to have open boxes on them and I decided to read the label on one of the smaller boxes of skin cream that was inside and out of nowhere I was shouted at from LT Amanda asking what are you doing going through the boxes? I stated I am not going through the boxes I am reading the labeled description on the back of a skin cream box. Lieutenant Amanda blurted out, that’s the same thing I said no it isn’t and I said you need to watch your tone. I didn’t come to volunteer and be treated like this, I can go home if you like. She then said don’t touch as if she was talking to a kid. I then asked her if she was having a bad day and that she needs to chill out or else I can go. She said well leave then, get out. So I left and i will not be returning to this location ever again.

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Suggested solution:

This matter should be resolved with several things:

1. An apology for her behavior.
2. enroll in a Attitude Skills for Success at work.
3. Enroll in a behavior class as well as some type of leadership class.
4. Most of all this person needs to not bring her problems to the job because the Salvation Army was founded on volunteers like me giving their time, work, laughter, energy, motivation, and commitment. These are qualities that you don't find easy.

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