The Salvation Army USA complaint: Pastors Need to be Retrained

on 06 May 2023 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

1. First of all the Pastors are Racist.
2. Second of all when these Pastors came to Coatesville Pa. there was a kid church and a after-school computer room for kids and a music program and a women’s group. NOW WE HAVE NOTHING!
3. These Pastors have All the rooms of the Church full of Donations and Won’t give them to the Community, they pick and choose who they give too. The Church smells awful ! No one wants to go there because there Racist! They have a girl at the front desk who gives emergency food to all of her friends who don’t need it! And the social worker who isn’t really a social worker (Luz) who refuses to give Emergency food to people in need.
There’s people at this Coatesville salvation Army who just take from the needed, No one cares !!! Please help our COMMUNITY !!!!

Suggested solution:

By getting Qualified employees and Pastors
That TRUELY love ALL people and the community and above all the Lord!

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