Complaint: Hearth Lounge

on 16 April 2022 about The Ritz-Carlton in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

As an owner and resident of The Towers next door, my husband and I often have a glass of wine and nibbles at the Ritz lounge quite regularly. Yes it’s overpriced but we like the atmosphere. On Easter Friday we decided to do the same. Upon entry the waiter already had a bad attitude. He asked if we’re staying with them to which I replied no but we lived next door. He checked our vax certificates and seated us with menus. He took my order which was the usual charcuterie board, olives and heirloom tomato salad as well as a glass of rosé for my husband and I. He said that responsible service of alcohol meant that I had to order a substantial meal in order to get a glass of wine.

I thought I heard wrong! I said for one glass of wine? He said yes! It’s a public holiday. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever heard of it. I told him his bar menu was not extensive enough for that rule and isn’t 3 dishes enough? Apparently not. His whole attitude was so condescending and smug! We left and went to Six Senses where they treat everyone with basic kindness and respect. I wonder what his reaction will be when we return for breakfast on 22 April for a Rolls Royce function. Best believe I will let everyone know.

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Suggested solution:

Explain to the staff that they actually just work there, they don’t own it so have no reason to have a smug attitude.

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