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on 03 February 2021 about TCF Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I recently opened an account with TCF and have had nothing but problems since I opened this checking. First, the social security number was put in the system in correctly and that took forever to get figured out. I couldn’t get the online banking due to this problem. Then I had to go into the branch where I opened account and show the correct social security number. The person who opened this account tried to act as though she wasn’t the one who opened my account! Absolutely ridiculous Customer Service!!! She was very rude! They had no prove to show me this was correctly except to show me on the computer screen. That is very poor customer relations! I tried to enter a recipient to transfer money to thru my online TCF app and it keeps saying I have the wrong routing number. This is ridiculous because it’s another TCF account and obviously is the same routing number as mine. I tried several times and doing different things to try and correct. One is calling ur customer service representatives and only to find my social security number has not been updated throughout the system and therefore, ur representatives couldn’t assist me. They transferred me to the branch and wouldn’t give me the number directly so I can’t even call them back… anyways, again telling me I have to go into bank again! This is insane! Who is this branch manager and when does someone take accountability for this branch because it’s obviously not doing they’re jobs correctly nor treating their customers with respect! I’m very upset and would appreciate some assistance with this matter. Thank you, Tracie Stevens… then, I just received a phone call from Natalie at the TCF branch in Brooklyn park on Colorado Ave… I’m asking to speak to a Manager over the Supervisors for this location. She literally unhung up on me. She called me back and didn’t do anything to fix the problem I’m having. She stated she couldn’t do a 3 way phone call with TCF representatives because she needed to help a customer… hmmm, am I not a customer???? Keep in mind, ur representatives told me she needed to fix this and then refused to help. She tried to lie and say, she was helping… HOW???? By lying and telling me it’s fine when I can’t get help with my account through TCF representatives due to a problem she initially caused to begin with. I truly would like to file a formal complaint against this “worker” Natalie. I’m totally unable to get any help on my account! I can’t believe this person is responsible for this branch at cub foods. Someone truly needs to look into this problem. She has no idea what she’s doing!

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Suggested solution:

1. This Natalie needs to learn how to treat customers with respect and not lie. 2. Take responsibility for a problem and resolve it. 3. If she doesn’t know how to solve the problem, u don’t hang up on customers and leave them stranded! 4. Her boss needs to help and assist with this matter. I was told by ur TCF representatives that the social security number needs to be correctly throughout ur system. She has no idea nor unwilling to do a 3-way conversation to get this corrected. I left TCF in the past due to problems and I just reopened my account and it has been nothing but a problem and each time it comes back to this Natalie! My proof is in my records of phone calls and today trying to talk with ur customer service representatives. I’m unable to add an account to transfer money to and completely unable to even get help! I’m completely ready to leave TCF again! This Natalie was so unprofessional each time I’ve had to deal with her, I really don’t understand why her boss isn’t dealing with this matter! Ur going to lose customers due to these mistakes!

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