Takealot.com complaint: Defective item returned

Complaint from Wsl reported on 17 July 2023 about Takealot.com

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My complaint:

Headset purchased and receipted 22 July 2022 (R9000) from Takealot.
Item developed a defect covered by supplier warranty and was returned on 26 Dec 2022 to Takealot for repair / replacement.
Takealot claimed item was returned incomplete (charger missing), hence non-acceptance of return.
Upon disputing missing charger, Takealot admitted item returned was complete, but then claimed the item was out of its warranty period.
Upon my disputing the latter claim and Takealots endeavour to take this issue back to their outsourced repairs alliance, the return was tagged as concluded on Takealot’s tracking system, without any further communication.
All my attempts to contact Takealot’s through its Care Centre since, turned out fluitless as my calls get cut off when I quote my assigned return refference.
At this stage, it appearse as if my contact number is blocked at Takealot’s Call Centre, as I can’t reach them when calling from my number, yet calls from a different number get answered .. (?)

Suggested solution:

Honor their return policy manufacturer's warranty.

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