Complaint: Very rude unprofesional Manager

on 09 October 2021 about Swiss Chalet in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Dear sir,
I drove from Port Dover to Simcoe to get one bowl of chicken soup that I was really looking forward to ….
I get home and discovered I did not get not even ONE piece of chicken in the bowl…it was all juice ,noodles carrots mix.
I saved my receipt for the next time I visited Swiss Chalet,,,,which was today . I order 2 huge dinners and proceeded to tell her about the incdient and provided my receipt.
She was very rude and said well you should have called when it happened ….not 3 days later. I said well I did not know that was your policy and im sorry but im telling you now and here is my receit.
She said well your getting a CUP of soup NOT a bowl….
So…. with that kind of attitude… the large order I placed that day…. I just drove away…. because of her matter of fact attitude.
I am not a low income on the street type of customer. I am an elite citizen and really dont need to care about a cup of soup…. but I drove about 6 miles to get a soup on a damp day that I was looking forward to.
To get this kind of response…. even after I showed her my receipt…. was very humiliating and shameful. I dont need to be talked down to….
I am just letting you tknow to try to improve your customer servcie.
AND IF your policy is….to call immediately IF the order is in any way not good….then Please post this on your drive thru screen so Customers are aware.
Thank you for your time
Brenda Gaines

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