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on 10 December 2019 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On December 9, 2019, between 11:45 and 1:30 P.M. A customer informed me Lawrence Johnson employee 18827at store 24552. employee at the 1101 Holman restaurant that there was a spill in front by the door. I proceed to go and look and seen it needed to be cleaned up, I went and got a rag to wipe up the table so that no more of the spilled beverage would add to the beverage on the floor than I went back to get the mop my manager told me to leave me spilled beverage and help on the line that she would clean it up later. I proceed to go and mop up the beverage because I did not want a Law Suit against Subway due to a customer slipping and falling in the beverage. My manager afterwards pulled my to the back and told me if I ever disobeyed her orders again she would send me home because she doesn’t need anyone who is not going to listen to her. I was only trying to clean up a beverage spill that was in front of the door. The customer had bought a 30 oz beverage. The spill created a safety hazard and I was told she would clean it up after the rush hour was over what if a customer slipped in the beverage during rush hour? Law Suit or Safety of the customers? I chose the safety of the customers over the sandwich and was told more less that I would be fired if I didn’t follow the orders of my Manager at all times. The camera’s at the store are my burden of proof. Look at the people’s face towards my managers statement for not cleaning the beverage up!

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Not to be transferred or fired from my place of employment for not follow erroneous orders that put customers safety at risk. I would also ask that a full camera review be conducted and the that Division Manager Lupe Cortez not be involved because they are best friends and that would create a conflict of interest in the desired resolution. I have and always will stick to the higher standard of customer satisfaction and safety first. I am not allowed to have my phone on me while working and it must be kept on silent while I am at work per Managers orders.

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