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on 21 November 2019 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I started working for Subway at 5401 South Olive in Pine Bluff on October.. I went to work on November 20, 2019.. My manager  confronted me about a customer who made a complaint to Subway headquarters about me not putting enough meat on a turkey bacon wrap n first of the customers.. First of all, I have worked for *** at another location years ago.. I still remembered how to make sandwich etc.. Their were a few things that had changed since I last worked for them.. But anyway, to make a long story short.. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t putting the right amount of meat on the customer wrap because the day I started my boss ask me not to give the people who purchased Subway party trays the correct amount of meat because she had given them a discount already… I wasn’t trained the proper way on how to make a wrap when I came in through the door.. I always thought you can make any 6 in a wrap, so I had no idea that I wasn’t making it the proper way until *** came to me with the complaint.. Also around 1:20pm on Nov. 20, 2019 just before it was time for me to get off, I was taking care of a customer win the phone wrong.. At this time ****** and a worker by the name of *** was in the back of the store on her personal phone  *** was washing dishes.. The phone continue to ring so after the caller hung up *** comes up to the front of the store while I was waiting on a customer and asked me why I didn’t answer the phone.. I replied, *** you *** wasn’t doing anything so why you all couldn’t get the phone.. ****** stated while I was getting ready to dress the customer sandwich, you have to answer the phone.. I replied back saying so you expect me to answer the phone in the process of making a custom sandwich when y’all wasn’t doing anything.. ***  was out line being very unprofessional for telling me to answer the phone n front of the customer while I was preparing their food.. I have also witness *** having an attitude with the customers including law enforcement.. I resign November 20, 2019 due to unprofessional management complaints against the business..

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My desired solution will be that she needs to get herself that business together before her business is threatened a lawsuit due to the illness that some customers has already experienced from eating there..

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