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on 10 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Grab some food for work to go … How do I want it fix? I would think the company has rules and policies and procedures they follow. Due being in a middle of a dental procedure and pain from chewing a chopped salad was something i could probably handle eating not so much trying to chew on the chicken. Since I didn’t see it inside on the menu board I did ask the girl if they did chop salads she says yes . When I saw that she was about to put a lid on it is when I asked if she i could get that chopped. The other worker asked whats wrong what did i need . Looking at me she tells they don’t do chopped salads . So of course i won’t be taking purchasing it . She tells me i cant go inside just order then not pay for it cuz she will make me pay if i do that again . I looked at her told her that’s why I asked before ordering and she’s not gonna make me do anything especially with that rude service I’m not paying for anything that I’m not happy with. So with girl that took my order was not even wearing uniform jeans and just a grey t shirt no hat no name tag both had thier hair in a ponytail with hair flying lose ever where with hair as long as thiers was a bun hat or some type of hair net would be sanitizer dealing with food. So I’m taking that the girl who took my order probably wasn’t even an employee maybe a friend or relative since she wasn’t in any type of uniform did know if the did chopped salads or didn’t know how many pieces chicken breast want to a salad . So what are y’all gonna do improve that. Obviously doesn’t matter what think should be done subway employees think they make coustomers pay for lack of training and common sense on how to have some type of friendly services. One disappointed customer Cynthia Villarreal. Subway in Big Lake Texas. I can’t fix that it’s yall’s job to address it in how ever your policy’s are for your business

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Well don't think they will after telling me she'll make me pay for the order. Never acknowledge anything even after i explained that's why I asked first i don't think that girl who took my order was even an employee she told me yes. Not gonna pay for lack training definitely not for worse customer service in talking to anyone that way .

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