Complaint: Megan Rapinoe Endorsement

on 04 June 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I have enjoyed your sandwiches for many years. Today I sadly write to inform you that I will never purchase another Subway product again.

Your decision to employ the anti-American kneeler Megan Rapinoe to endorse your sandwiches is the reason I now boycott your company.

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I have influence over many branches of the military and VETERAN ORGANIZATIONS, and I will encourage all my brotherssisters to boycott Subway.

Suggested solution:

Cancel the contract with Megan Rapinoe and issue a press release stating that a mistake was made and Subway loves America and respects it's national anthem.

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Michael Gerzen
Michael Gerzen(@michael-gerzen)
10 months ago

Thank you for sending me to Jersey Mikes for better sandwiches & LOVES THIS COUNTRY

charlie (@guest_3736)
10 months ago

no more subway after seeing megan rapinoe kneel during our national anthem
hello jimmy johns

David Storace
David Storace (@guest_3761)
9 months ago

Have been a Subway fan for decades. After seeing the America hating Rapinoe in a Subway commercial Im done with y’all. This POS has no respect for our country and Im ashamed of Subway. Jersey Mikes here we all come.

Will Gibbs
Will Gibbs (@guest_3766)
9 months ago

Jimmy John’s makes a superior product and isn’t tone deaf stupid like whoever is in charge of marketing at Subway.

Griffin Atwood
Griffin Atwood (@guest_3767)
9 months ago

I am dumbfounded that Subway would hire Megan Rapinoe as a representative. Given her anti-American stance, divisive politics, and inaccurate claims of unfair treatment of the WNT, I will no longer be a customer of Subway.

Steve (@guest_3797)
9 months ago

companies that celebrate disrespect for the flag, the anthem and our fallen soldiers do not deserve my business, nor any other USA loving patriot’s business

Last edited 9 months ago by Steve
Mrs. Gloria Rupert
Mrs. Gloria Rupert (@guest_3798)
9 months ago

I agree with the veteran in the respect I will never purchase another Subway sandwich. Subway chose poorly when they had an anti- American, Megan Rapinoe, represent their brand! She should never have been permitted on the Olympic stage if she disrespects the country she is supposedly representing! My opinion, and I am not alone! Not a good time to invest in Subway! Stick together, boycott Subway!