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Pulled to the drive through to make order. Wated 3 minutes for response. When manager responded she asked how many subs. While asking my passengers what they would prefer, manager announced again but this time rudely I said how many subs are you ordering. I replied 2 subs and 2 salads. She replied that we would have to come into the store for this order. I stated we did not have masks and asked why she was being rude. She replied that she wasn’t being rude and we would have to come into the store because she was the only one in the store. I again said we had no masks – she said we didn’t need them had I asked I would have known. I asked for the manager. She said she was the manager. I asked for her name and she said I’m not going to serve you. I then said that she was already rude and is now refusing a customer? She said that she can do that. I again asked her name. She stated. Shay then said I’m not serving you. As we we re leaving she was standing in the middle of the store smiling and holding up her middle finger. I opened the door yo the store to confront this – there was another member of staff in the store at that time as well. All floors were wet and there was no-one in the store. Shay continued to provoke the situation. We left the store as she continued to raise her middle finger and attempt to get a license number. We will never eat at a subway again. The attitude of the staff is horrendous.

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Reprimand the staff person and retrain staff in customer service techniques as this apparently was not a part of training for management or staff.

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Amber (@guest_1503)
1 year ago

Yeah I fully agree with you. I also had a bad Subway experience today. My husband ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch.We got home and there was no chicken or bacon on our sub. We had to go back to get it made right. They made the sub again but didn’t apologize or anything. I asked for a drink because of us having to drive all the way back there. They refused. I mean who doesn’t put chicken or bacon on a Chicken Bacon Ranch. It is kind of like 80% of the whole sub. Customer service doesn’t exist these days.… Read more »